Glen Oliver

Writer-producer Glen Oliver has served as senior editor for IGN FilmForce and film critic for Britain's SFX magazine, and is currently a contributing editor for the influential Ain't It Cool News website. (You may have also seen him interviewed on Fox News.)

He has also developed an adaptation of the Japanese manga Monster for ProSieben in Germany (yet to be produced), consulted on several multimedia projects with musician/filmmaker Michael Nesmith, and has enjoyed a lengthy creative association with Star Trek and NASA graphic designer Michael Okuda.

Glen is currently developing several projects in partnership with Paul M. Leonard (co-producer of Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica), and is working with Buckaroo Banzai director W.D. Richter and screenwriter Earl Mac Rauch to re-launch that beloved cult franchise. With Paul Alvarado-Dykstra he is developing multiple other genre projects for film and television under their Austin-based production shingle, Montgolfier Heavy Industries.